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WOOD-GLIDE is a releasing agent, a friction reducer and a lubricant for all moving parts, on all substrates and surfaces. Many friction reducers contain teflon and silicone which may cause "fish eyes" in your finishes. WOOD-GLIDE contains neither of those chemicals making it a better choice.

WOOD-GLIDE reduces product cost and clutter because you are only using a one can product. WOOD-GLIDE replaces lubricants, friction reducers, and releasing agents which WILL SAVE YOU MONEY.

WOOD-GLIDE when sprayed lightly onto any table or surface will eliminate virtually all of your "Push Friction" allowing you to easily move any wood, metal, or plastic across tables or surfaces. Regarding friction, when laminating, WOOD-GLIDE will prevent burning or scoring without affecting your glue bonding.

WOOD-GLIDE reduces friction on machinery, cutters, and blades which increases productivity and saves money on replacement costs because when there is less friction there is less heat, less wear and tear, less sharpening, and less replacing of router bits, cutters, and saw blades. WOOD-GLIDE increases overall productivity with continuous use during the shift, rather than changing blades so frequently. WOOD-GLIDE will also prevent the buildup of pitch, resin, and glue. In fact, when using the WOOD-GLIDE on a cutter with pitch or glue build up, it will remove the existing buildup while you are cutting.

WOOD-GLIDE can also be used on all moving parts that would normally require a lubricant: bits, cutters, saw blades, table tops, fences, clamps, and any squeaky spot. WOOD-GLIDE will lubricate any bearing or bushing many times more effectively than silicone or teflon, and for a longer period of time, without any ill side effects to wood, metal or plastic.

One of the largest areas of use for WOOD-GLIDE has been as a glue releasing agent for pitch/resin and for glue machines. As a glue releasing agent, our product will prevent adhesion of excess glue, while not interfering with the glue to glue bonding. This is true of any liquid glue or spray adhesive. On a “RF” application our product will prevent the excess, many times activated glue, from sticking to the positive or negative grids. When applied to clean glue clamps or glue wheels (systems) WOOD-GLIDE will prevent excess glue from sticking to the clamp fingers or screw threads.

Although not a rust remover, WOOD-GLIDE is a rust inhibitor if applied to a clean surface. Our product will not evaporate like silicone or teflon sprays. Once applied WOOD-GLIDE has the staying power of several months.

We have a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  

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