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Dust Bee Gone Dust Mask 

is the best mask we've fou​nd, and we recommend using one when applying WOOD-GLIDE

Infinity Tools has a great video with the benefits and features.  Here is a link to purchase or find more info:

Dust Bee Gone Nuisance Dust Mask

Florida Crotchwood Mobile Sawmill 

is very involved with urban recycling, cutting yard and streetscape trees.  We cut for people and companies who hate waste and see the beauty and value in their own trees. The ability to cut 60 inch wide slabs that the smaller band mills can’t service. Our Lucas Dedicated Slabber allows us to cut the really big trees, and our woodturning background has taught us the importance of lining up the 3 piths to maximize the beautiful grain found only in the crotch of the tree.  Here is their phone number and a link to their Website.

Florida Crotchwood Website

(239) 822-6762

2018 PAR Enterprises * Highlands, Texas 77562 * 832.262.0093

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