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Friction Reducer

Eliminate virtually all of your "Push Friction" allowing you to easily move any wood, metal, or plastic across tables or surfaces. 

Prevent Friction burning or scoring without affecting your glue bonding in Lamination Processes.  

Save money on sharpening and replacement  by applying on machinery, cutters, and blades because when there is less friction there is less heat, less wear and tear, less sharpening, and less replacing of router bits, cutters, and saw blades. 

Increases overall productivity with continuous use during the shift, rather than changing blades so frequently. 

Keep you blades clean and newer longer.  When using WOOD-GLIDE on new blades, it prevents pitch from adhering to the cutter.  

Clean your blades, bits, and cutters without removing them by applying WOOD-GLIDE directly onto a cutter with pitch or glue build up.  The releasing agent in WOOD-GLIDE will push the pitch and buildup off of the blade while you are cutting, shaping, routing....

We have a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. 

Releasing Agent

Prevent excess glue from sticking to the clamp fingers or screw threads by applying to clamps before you start glue up.  

Clean dirty clamps by applying an allowing to sit for a few minutes before working off the old glue, repeat process.  

One of the largest areas of use for WOOD-GLIDE has been as a glue releasing agent for pitch/resin and for glue machines. As a glue releasing agent, our product will prevent adhesion of excess glue, while not interfering with the glue to glue bonding. This is true of any liquid glue or spray adhesive. On a “RF” application our product will prevent the excess, many times activated glue, from sticking to the positive or negative grids. 

We have a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  

"I tested this nice product with good results.  I coated the blade watching it remove the resin.   Anyone who experiences the top becoming "gummed"  with resin will appreciate the results.  I highly recommend this product.  Rex #30028725


Apply to any Squeaky or Sticky Spot for long lasting results.

Apply for wooden drawer slides or for moving anything across a surface
  •  wood on wood
  •  wood on metal
  • wood on plastic
  • plastic on plastic
  • plastic on metal
  • metal on metal

WOOD-GLIDE will lubricate any bearing or bushing many times more effectively than silicone or teflon, and for a longer period of time, without any ill side effects to wood, metal or plastic.

We have a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  

"The wood simply glides across the table with ease.  I am pleased with the results"  Rex #30028725

What our customers are saying

I tried this product in several areas with astonishing results, especially on my table saw surface, blade, edge guide, and slide.  After applying it to the blade I cut MDF, Ply, and Hardwood without any burn marks.

Jameel #30058711

2018 PAR Enterprises * Highlands, Texas 77562 * 832.262.0093

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