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We offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who does not like “WOOD-GLIDE” for any reason. “WOOD-GLIDE” can be used on all moving parts that would normally require a lubricant, thus eliminating the need for several different products in the work area.  
This all purpose lubricant can save a tremendous amount of money by replacing most other lubricants that contain chemicals such as teflon or silicone, which are extremely harmful to the finishing of wood. “WOOD-GLIDE” can be used on all wood, metal, and plastic applications without any adverse side effects whatsoever. Your customers will find, through experimentation, that our product will work almost everywhere they are currently using a lubricant. Our customers have discovered many uses by trying it in new areas of their operation.
Reduced inventory due to using a single source lubricant can justify the additional cost by itself. Add to that the reduction in ruined material due to employee misuse of other products simply because those products are no longer there, and the cost of “WOOD-GLIDE” begins to come down, down, down. It also reduces friction on machinery which results in less wear and tear on the machines, as well as increasing overall productivity. One of the largest areas of use has been as a glue releasing agent for “RF” (Radio Frequency) glue machines. However, the uses are only limited by your imagination.
As a glue releasing agent, our product will prevent adhesion of excess glue, while not interfering with the glue to glue bonding. This is true of any liquid glue or spray adhesive. On a “RF” application our product will prevent the excess, many times activated glue, from sticking to the positive or negative grids. When applied to clean glue clamps or glue wheels (systems) “WOOD-GLIDE” will prevent excess glue from sticking to the clamp fingers or screw threads.
“WOOD-GLIDE” will lubricate any bearing or bushing many times more effectively than silicone or teflon, and for a longer period of time, without any ill side effects to wood, metal or plastic. Although not a rust remover, “WOOD-GLIDE” is a rust inhibitor if applied to a clean surface. Our product will not evaporate like silicone or teflon sprays. Once applied “WOOD-GLIDE” has the staying power of several months.
We have a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  We are also very proud to say that our pricing has increased only three times in almost three decades.  We are proud to say that our prices have not increased since 2007, but we can't say the same thing about the shipping companies.  If you would like us to use your shipper number or you can get better shipping rates, just place your order in person 888 222 2225 Our Price Break is at 10 Cases.  $12.95 can, $99.52 Case of 12, $81.40 10 cases of more, no freight at 25 Cases.

                                 1 Can, 10 oz                                    
                               12.95 + Freight                                                                               ($27.95)                                                        
      1 Case (12 Cans, 13lbs)                                     3 Cases 
$111.00 + Freight                                     $222.00 + Freight
    ($126.00)                                                  ($252.00)


       3 Cases                                                    4 Cases
$333.00 + Freight                                   $444.00 + Freight
     ($378.00)                                                           ($504.00)


       5 Cases                                                    6  Cases   
$555.00 + Freight                                   $666.00 + Freight
    ($630.00)                                                 ($756.00)


       7 Cases                                                   8 Cases
$777.00 + Freight                                   $888.00 + Freight
    ($882.00)                                                 ($1008.00)

10 Cases
$930.00 + Freight
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