Wood-Glide - Company Message
Customer Reported Benefits & Applications 

Cutting Benefits:
Allows boring with less effort and no burning
Allows cutters to stay sharper longer
Allows deeper cutting with no burning
Allows faster cutting without burning
Allows smoother cuts, finished edge improved
Allows smoother surface finish on machined parts
Eliminates burning
Eliminates pine pitch
Eliminates resin and glue from building up on blade
Eliminates rough edges
Eliminates wood chips sticking in the bits and cutters
Extends bit and blade life
Reduces effort in cutting, making it more controlled & safe
Reduces friction and heat, less wear & tear in cutter
Reduces heat of cutter, stays sharper longer
Reduces replacement of cutter
Reduces sanding of material
Reduces sharpening of cutter
Reduces splintering and tear out

Friction Reducing Benefits:
Allows easier sliding of wood panels, easier for operator
Allows wood to slide easily over tables and through cutters
Allows wooden parts to slide over each other with ease
Allows work to move more freely, more control & safety
Maintains slick and clean metal work surfaces
Maintains smooth surfaces, more control & safety
Reduces friction and drag everywhere applied 
General Benefits:
Aids in the restoration of old hand tools
Allows tools to work more comfortably, much easier to use
Application in the field for maintenance of tools
Improves working condition of tools, tools look newer
Removes tree sap 
Glue Releasing Benefits:
Allows clean up of glue by just wiping surfaces sprayed
Eliminates glue problems
Excess glue wipes off of wood if first sprayed where desired
Overspray does not affect gluing of parts together
Prevents glue cap from sticking to bottles
Prevents glue from sticking to clamps
Prevents glue from sticking to surfaces sprayed
Prevents glue from sticking to the glue wheel
Provides releasing agent for gluing system 
Productivity Benefits:
Allows smoother operation of machines and surfaces
Decreases down time due to waxing and steel wooling
Eases operator’s work, greater control, better quality cuts
Increased safety, better control, work moves better
Increased safety, production, and quality
Increases machines working condition and performance
Increases operator’s production with more control & safety
Increases production through feeding rate and clean blades
Reduces chatter, improved cutting and increased safety
Reduces set up time by reducing friction everywhere
Reduces sharpening and replacement costs, less downtime
Reduces starts and stops by lubing gears in machines
Reduces starts and stops due to clean up
Reduces starts and stops due to pitch buildup
Reduces starts and stops due to sticking or squeaking
Reduces starts and stops due to wood clogging cutters
Reduces starts and stops of changing blades & cutters
Reduces wear & tear on machinery, less friction & heat
Reduction of friction, uneven jerking, and pitch buildup
Saves money, increased production, reduced replacements

Feeding Benefits:
Allows automatic feeds to run smoother, no uneven jerking
Allows easier hand feeding through machines
Prevents Friction While Feeding

Finishing Benefits:
Application directly to finished wood products – no damage
Eliminates Staining Problems

Laminating Benefits:
Prevents burning of laminates while trimming

Motor Benefits:
Eases The Work of The Feeder Motor
Eases The Work of The Saw Motor
Reduces Drag & Friction

Pitch Removal Benefits:
Prevents pitch, resin, and glue from sticking to cutters
Removes pine pitch from any surface, which gets friction
Removes resin and glue from cutters, which get friction

Rust Prevention:
Prevents Rust
Aids in Restoring Rusty Hand Tools
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